Bar Keepers Friend Spray


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Bar Keepers Friend All Purpose Power Spray is an all purpose active foaming spray that clings to vertical surfaces making cleaning easier. Ideal for cookers, shower surrounds, baths and sinks, tiles and all of the following surfaces: Ceramic, Stainless Steel, Copper, Chrome, Glass, Porcelain, Aluminium, Fibre Glass, Brass and Tiles. We have found that it is a fantastic cleaning product for the stainless steel areas of your cooker and we particularly love it for the hot plate surrounds and inside of the lid. The lid needs to be left up allowing it all to cool a bit before use, but the cooker doesn’t have to be turned off. Definitely best used with an open weave cotton cloth, rather than a microfibre cleaning cloth. Very user friendly and the best thing we’ve tried so far. 500ml

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  1. Roger Taylor

    Having left the build up of fat burns around the hotplate longer than I should, I was pleased as to how effective the cleaning spray is when used with a green plastic scourer.

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