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The Everhot electric stove is the perfect blend of traditional good looks and modern efficiency. A 1.5kW thermostatically controlled heating element gently warms the room and behind the cast iron door, you will find a 20 litre oven, perfect for cooking small dishes. The quality engineered steel and cast iron heat storage construction will provide heat long after the stove has been turned off.

Unlike a traditional wood-burning or solid fuel stove the Everhot electric stove does not require a flue and simply plugs into a standard 13amp socket.

To ensure you choose the correct colour for your Everhot, samples are available on request. We have reproduced these colours as accurately as possible.

Please note that delivery costs are included and are to Mainland UK only.
LEAD TIMES – 3 Weeks.  Please call Everhot on 01453 890018 for further details


The heater is designed to be left on for extended periods and is perfect for fireplaces where wood burners are not wanted or possible. Additionally the heater has no electronics and can be used as a “solar dump” for excess production.

  • 13amp plug supply.
  • 1.5kW Heater.
  • 20 litre oven 27cm w x 25cm d (max 240C).
  • Half power – simmering.
  • Weight 50kg approx.
  • Not recommended for use on deep or thick pile carpets.
  • Use on thin pile carpets, fire-resistant hard surfaces, wooden floors etc – hearth not required.
  • Majority of heated air escapes via heat vent – not recommended to be placed under counters, tables etc.

1. Our beautifully crafted heat vent is the main heat source for the stove and we recommend that you do not cover this area. Shortly after turning on the stove, you’ll begin to feel heat coming through the vent, after around 30 minutes the main body of the stove will be up to temperature and radiate gentle warming heat into the room.

2. The Everhot Stove is explicitly designed for longevity and reliability. Along with its low peak load, this has the additional benefit that it is ideal for use with home solar energy installations as a solar dump, where excess energy would otherwise be exported.

3. Our unique design concept* conceals a 20 litre oven. Behind the cast iron door you’ll find the perfect oven for light meals, jacket potatoes, slow cooking and warming food through.

*EUIPO community design registration number 007365028-0001/UK IPO-6078662

For more details on the Everhot Electric Stove, please follow this link to request a brochure:

Everhot Electric Stove Brochure


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