Art Deco Espresso Maker

From: £79.95

We love this solid, mirror polished, stainless steel, Art Deco espresso maker from Stellar. Quick and easy to use and clean, it comes in 2 sizes – 6 cups, 375ml capacity and 10 cups, 600ml capacity. Please note that although this product is suitable for the induction hob, it will only work on the smallest zone, and not on the single zone versions on the Everhot.

Size6 Cup – 375ml, 10 Cup – 600ml

2 reviews for Art Deco Espresso Maker

  1. Steve Hamblin

    This is a fantastic thing – beautifully made, solid, well weighted towards the bottom so very stable and it works happily on induction stoves and any other, too. It replaced an Aluminium Biatelli pot, partly to deal with health concerns in using Aluminium and partly to gain compatibility with Induction stoves. The only “problem” is that it shows fingerprints all to easily and my wife refuses to wear cotton gloves when handling it ??

  2. Jennifer Mackenzie

    Love my espresso maker, that wee gurgle and sputter as it kicks in makes my day! Easy to clean, looks good on the site, no complaints whatsoever!

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