Everhot Grill

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Based on a traditional Argentinian ‘Asado’ grill, the Everhot Grill has a large height adjustable cooking grill that makes cooking over wood or charcoal simple and intuitive. High temperature cooking is made easy by simply lowering the grill towards the fire, and if things start getting too hot, simply raise the grill to reduce the heat. Interchangeable cooking grates add more control – so whether you are a BBQ aficionado looking for the perfect reverse seared steak, or simply cooking for the family – the Everhot Grill is a joy to use and takes the guesswork out of cooking over fire.

Hand-built in the Cotswolds from thick marine grade stainless steel, the Everhot Grill is designed to last a lifetime. Finished to the highest standard, every detail from the hand polished ratchet wheel to the hand turned oak handle has been carefully considered to provide the best possible cooking experience. The firebox base is lined with oven grade fire brick and unlike many other grills of this type, the sides of the firebox are also insulated minimising heat loss and directing heat to the cooking grill. Due to the high levels of insulation, the Grill can be used freestanding or as part of an outdoor kitchen.

The grill comes set up and ready to cook with 2 heavy duty stainless steel grill bars. Each of these are interchangeable with the optional Parilla Grill and Chapa Plate, which add yet more flexibility and allow you to enjoy dual cooking zones.


Optional Extras:

  • The Parilla Grill with Drip Tray – The V shaped grill design, channels oils and fats into the drip tray avoiding flare-ups. It is perfect for cooking large cuts of meat and food with a high fat content.
  • The Chapa Plate – The flat plate design is great for cooking vegetables, eggs, flat breads, meat and much more. The plate is designed to be reversible and can be used to channel oil away from food, or turned over and used to fry.
  • The Weather Shield – Perfect for protecting the firebox from the elements if the grill is going to be left outside for extended periods.

For more details on the Everhot Grill, please visit Everhot.

Free Delivery included to a UK Mainland address, lead time is 2 weeks. Please call Everhot on 01453 890018 for further details and for deliveries to other locations in the UK. It is also possible to collect your own Grill from our factory. Please call 01453 890018 to arrange this.

DeliveryFree Delivery included to a UK Mainland address, Please call Everhot on 01453 890018 for deliveries to other locations in the UK, Collection from our factory in Gloucestershire, please call 01453 890018 to arrange this


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