30cm Wok with lid


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For those wanting to do some oriental cooking, this wok has a wider cooking surface than most woks, making it a better bet for ranges. We would recommend turning your hot plate up before use to achieve a more traditional style of “stir fry” cooking. Without doing this, the performance was good and even, just make sure you leave it on the hotplate to heat for a few minutes before putting your ingredients in. We found that you had to use a lot less fat in this wok compared to more traditional steel versions. It was also helpful to adapt our cooking style slightly, by using utensils to toss the food rather than shaking the pan in order to keep as much pan/hot plate contact as possible. This good looking pan has a Teflon Platinum Pro non-stick finish making the whole cleaning experience a lot easier and a thick encapsulated base for even heat distribution. Although it is quite weighty, it has a helper handle to assist use and is suitable for other types of cooking besides stir fries.

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  1. Meg Mays

    I ordered this Wok from Everhot Essentials as the one I had (and thought was good quality!) didn’t sit on the hot plate. I looked at several online but this one looked the best and a good price, though not cheap. It’s great! It does exactly what a Wok should and I have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone looking to buy one.

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